The Tale of Two Benghazi’s – and Is the Culture of Comfortable the New Normal?

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By: Hallie Neill

Copera = The Cop (Rebecca L Mahan) + The Opera Singer (Hallie Neill)

We dive into a discussion of gender neutral WC’s, “participation awards” and banning the Pledge of Allegiance – all with the recurring theme of creating a “culture of comfortable”. We wonder, is this the new normal?

College Du Page in Chicago, Illinois announced the new gender neutral bathrooms designed to “make students of all genders and gender identities feel more comfortable”. We know we are all equal under the law, but are we all “comfortable under the law”?

Remember America – the land of opportunity? That exceptional nation where everything was possible with a dream and hard work and sacrifice? With “participation awards” for students who just show up rather than rewarding excellence and high achievement, we wonder again, is simply feeling comfortable the new normal?

Hallie and Rebecca share views and personal stories about being inspired to work through rejection and challenges and even “stage fright” to excel and exceed in our chosen fields of cop and opera singer. Since rejection and lost contracts or jobs is a part of adult life, how much better can we serve our youth and each other by learning to overcome those “uncomfortable moments” of loss and rejection. If we reward equally to all, what is the incentive to try harder?

After the Hillsboro Community College in Tampa, Florida banned the Pledge of Allegiance since it made some students and faculty “uncomfortable” – other students who served in the military felt dishonored for their service. So, is one man’s “comfort” another man’s “discomfort”?

The Tale of Two Benghazi’s

Hillary’s performance before the congressional hearings appeared to be that of a bored, angry, dismissive and masterful politician. Still, the optics were oh, so much better than her last appearance in which she went off the rails screaming, “What difference does it make?”

Celebrating after a long day with her team, indulging in Indian food and beer, we wonder which tale of Benghazi did the media view to declare Hillary the “winner”?

Ambassador Chris Stevens knew the risks of staying in Libya and wanted to remain declares Hillary – yet the 600 requests for additional security went unanswered by her State Department.

Email correspondence from Mother to daughter Chelsea revealed that Hillary knew Al Qaida attacked our men in Libya. She later confirmed in a discussion with the Egyptian Prime Minister the attack had nothing to do with her video story. Still, Hillary continues to blame the “fog of war” – as she told that other tale of Benghazi to the families of the men who were killed, to the American public and the media.

Are good optics and bad lying the new normal?

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Copera’s Corner Episode 8 by Coperascorner on Mixcloud

Revealing Hidden Pain in America

Copera’s Corner Episode 7 by Coperascorner on Mixcloud

Copera’s Corner, with hosts Rebecca L. Mahan and Hallie Neill, have an informative show that starts with their new segment “Copera’s Twist.” In this episode they focus on uncovering the pain we face in our country beginning with last week’s Democratic debate. Their discussion is followed by silent struggles and the cost for victory.

By Hallie Neill

Copera = the Cop + the Opera Singer

By Rebecca L. Mahan

There are many things in America that present challenges in our lives, yet often times we struggle in silence. There are issues only women face, issues specific to first responders, and then there are those that come at a cost to achieve success.

Up first in the show, calling in from Iceland, Pauline McCarthy, Menopause Expert, gets real about the hush-hush topic of menopause and tells it like it is. Part of the normal cycle in a woman’s life that many are not aware of is just how early symptoms of “the change” can take place. One of the most commonly known symptoms is hot flashes. Other systoms, such as memory loss can also be attributed this change. Her focus is to put this topic on the table so women can begin to understand what is happening within their bodies as they go through the aging process.

Our next guest, La Mesa Police Captain (Ret.) and Author of “”Bulletproof Spirit”: The Essential Resource for all First Responders”, Dan Willis is on a mission to help first responders, such as police officers, fire fighters, and others, tackle the issues unique to those who serve in this field. He provides in-depth insight on the challenges first reponders face on a daily basis. Discussing the various types incidents of trauma first responders face over prolonged periods of time, Dan shares how this can result in poor health and wellness issues if not addressed. He also provides alarming details of how those who have suffered in silence have dealt with these issues. His goal is to provide the tools and resources needed to prevent first reponders from having to suffer in silence and assist those who are.

While there is always a cost versus benefit to the choices we make, our last guest, Speaker and Author of “Paying Victory’s Price”, Roger Lambert, paints a portrait of the costs of success. Despite the personal challenge of having been legally blind for over 40 years, he shares what personal victory is all about. Roger knows what the cost to benefit ratio of victory is from his own experience as a 27 year veteran basketball coach and inspires the listener to shoot for success.

This particular show not only reveals hidden pain in America, but inspires the listeners to move beyond it.

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Honor in America, Money, and Parenting

Copera’s Corner Episode 6 by Coperascorner on Mixcloud

Copera’s Corner, with hosts Rebecca L. Mahan and Hallie Neill, have an informative show that starts with a regular guest appearance by Wiley Morgan during their new segment “Copera’s Twist.” They finish the show with 2 guests who talk about being accountable with money and in parenting.

Is the Military Code of Honor Missing from Today’s America Creating a Dangerous Vacuum for Us All?

By Hallie Neill

Copera = the Cop + the Opera Singer welcome Wiley Morgan, Combat Veteran, U.S. Army Retired, to present his Veteran’s Perspective in a robust discussion of hot topics from the Bergdahl case, punishing the military for protecting the innocent, religious freedoms hanging in the balance, creativity not fostered in our schools, and the intolerance of opposing views. Speaking of creativity – we close with a bit of our own in some friendly banter.

We open with Obama’s Rose Garden embrace of Sgt. Bergdhal’s parents after negotiating his release in the controversial prisoner swap. We consider the cost to our military (6 men lost their lives searching for him in Afghanistan), the Army’s recent charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy (with a possible court martial ahead) and the photo op/celebration in the Rose Garden. Where is the nexus we wonder.

And where is the wisdom in Obama’s change in the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan instructing soldiers to ignore child sexual abuse by their Afghan allies? We discuss the reports of US soldiers being forced to retire after disobeying this order by stopping child rapes. Wiley shares the military are trained to “protect the innocent”. So we ask, is child rape cultural – or barbaric? Is the military code of honor that is missing from the current landscape of culture and politics creating a vacuum of danger for America?

We expose the anti-Christian discrimination in the story of the Marine, a cake, a Biblical scripture and the punitive price quoted by a pro-homosexual bakery. And as we lament the lack of tolerance for opposing views, the shutting down of sharing personal beliefs in the workplace, and creativity not encouraged in our schools – we close with a bit of our own.

By Rebecca L. Mahan

Cary Cabanaro, CFP, MBA, and Author of her new book “The Money Queen’s Guide talk about her interest from a young age in relation to money. She shares 10 tips on how to manage money, such as, how to simplify budgeting and knowing your net worth. Cabanaro talks about planning for your financial future and uses the planning of a wedding as an example. She shares that it’s how you recover that matters in the event that there has been money management issues. An analogy of collected and unorganized nuts (accounts) collected by one individual she assisted and luckily reformed, was used to demonstrate the potential impact for those who may have to assist with a loved ones finances in the event of an illness or death. She professes the foundation to having money is having a budget, knowing what coming in and whats going out.

Guest Tom Gagilano, By Relationship Expert and Best Selling Author, brought to life the accountability factor for parents by talking about his new book “Don’t Put Your Crap In Your Kid’s Diaper, The Clean Up Cost Could Last a Lifetime.” He believes the most important relationship we have is with ourselves and details how this plays into the accountability parents have. He is passionate about sending positive and loving messages to our children, as often times kids wonder what it is they have done wrong. By laying down messages to children that they are important and valued, means there is a large chance the children it will help stop the development of the destructive entitlement view. The goal is to create a healthy, confident, and productive child. Gagliano designed his book to be a healthy blueprint for parents to stay on task.

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Copera’s New Segment “Copera’s Twist” & Rights and Relationships

Copera’s Corner by Coperascorner on Mixcloud

Copera’s Corner, with hosts Rebecca L. Mahan and Hallie Neill, have a candid discussion with 2 guests and introduces their new segements “Copera’s Twist.”

Religious Rights (Don’t) Matter – Did You Get the Memo?

By: Hallie Neill

Our religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights,” Obama announced recently at the LGBT Gala in New York City.

Wait – what?

We must have missed the memo that our religious freedoms are no longer protected by, oh, you know – the Constitution, which states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

Obama insists he will fight for the LGBT rights movement of the 3.8% at the peril of the Constitutionally protected religious rights of the 75% of Americans who identify as people of faith – as we careen into a head-on collision.

Though Justice Roberts betrayed America in the Obamacare decision (a tax, you say?) he got it right here in his fervent opposition to the Supreme Court vote: “Many good and decent people oppose same-sex marriage as a tenet of faith, and their freedom to exercise religion is – unlike the right imagined by the majority – actually spelled out in the Constitution.”


The courts are designed to interpret the constitution and the constitutionality of the laws, not create public policy. We discuss the open season on people of faith from bakers, florists, county clerks to photographers. Their crime? Believing in the Biblical definition of marriage.

Can we have our country back, please?

Will Congress legislate yet again to protect the religious freedoms already won with shed blood and treasure? Will We the People embrace our differences and accept that people of faith really mean it. Unlike President Obama who accuses Republicans of using “religious freedom for polls.” We didn’t get that memo either.

By Rebecca L. Mahan

Guest Steve “The Dean” Williams, a Relationship Expert and Radio Show Host speaks frankly on how he came to be a relationship expert. He details how some young men in this era lacked the skills the necessary for a healthy relationship because many have been raised without a male role model in the home. He goes on to indicate that these skills are limited because what has been taught is further limited to what was taught in their 5th grade class. He feels strongly that providing his own in-depth experience will help the young dating man to learn to love himself, establish boundaries, and have better communication with women.

Lori Ann Davis, Relationship Expert, Speaker, Radio Show Host, and Author of “Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships: How to Find, Keep and Renew Love and Passion in Your Life” delights the listener with an understanding of how communication and being aware of unrealistic expectations placed on others can change relationships. We extend the discussion on relationships beyond the typical one on one interaction to how the techniques she has simplified also applies to a much more broad environment, tying into our commentary on maintaining individual rights.

Copera’s Corner Radio Personalities provide customized event entertainment by Award winning Opera Singers that accompany an Expert guest speaker. Public speaking never sounded so good!

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Flesh For Sale: Is your Child Safe?/From Singer to Sex Slave – A Survivor’s Story

Flesh For Sale: Is your Child Safe? by Coperascorner on Mixcloud

Flesh For Sale: Is your Child Safe?
By: Hallie Neill

Women and children snatched from the safety of their middle and upper class homes to be sold over and over again as sex slaves. Buckle up and hold onto your loved ones – this selling of flesh is spreading like wildfire, already the third fastest growing crime above guns and drugs. It’s time to talk about human trafficking.
We are emotional and speechless as we hear the shocking statistics, the degree of depravity and torture but we cannot look away – and encourage you to listen as it may save someone you love.
Becky McDonald, President of Women at Risk, (WAR) International, is a powerful voice for the silenced victims. Working for 30 years in anti-trafficking relief work Becky is devoted to waking our sleeping culture to the dangers and realities of the sex trade. WAR works in 45 countries facing a well oiled machine of selling children and women that is a big, nasty, profitable business. 300,000 minors are currently trafficked in the US. 1M women and children are trafficked internationally. Becky shares that a fraction of victims are runaways.
How does it happen? A job offer at craigslist; a ride home with a friend; a sleepover; the internet; date rape drugs at parties. Becky shares the signs to look for in victims (such as barcode tattoos for a quick and easy sale of the innocent and unwilling flesh) and warns that escape, if one is so lucky, is just the beginning of a long road to recovery and healing.
Prevention, rescue and restoring victims by teaching women a skill to live lives of dignity is WAR’s transformative mission. Discover how purchasing a beautiful necklace made by a rescued woman will transform your life and hers.

From Singer to Sex Slave – A Survivor’s Story
Selling drugs is a crime with consequences. Selling flesh has no consequence for the trafficker – but as you will hear from a real life survivor about her own horrific sexual torture and trafficking – there are indeed, long lasting consequences for the victim.
Rhoda Kershaw, a dazzling 18 year old redhead with a lovely voice, took a singing job in Japan – or so she thought. The night she was invited to sing at a private club for the men with the Mercedes — the world as she knew it, would change in a flash. Drugged and carried away to a lavish hotel room, Rhoda woke to see scores of naked, dragon and demon-tattooed Yakuza (the Japanese Mafia). The 70 men would steal her virginity over 3 days of non stop rape, torture and beatings. Rhoda tells her harrowing story in not to be missed detail, and how calling on the name of Jesus was the beginning of her escape and eventual return to the US.
Enter Becky McDonald and one of her board members from WAR who swept in to “simply love” on Rhoda. Becky tells us, “Victims don’t begin to heal until they feel safe”. Hidden away in a private room together, the women wept, prayed, listened to every detail of Rhoda’s story and loved her. Unconditionally. Rhoda shares that forgiving her tormenters began to set her free from the power they had over her life. Becky instructs that this is not a get out of jail free card for the abuser – but that forgiveness is the first step to truly getting free for the victim. Rhoda Kershaw’s spectacular voice and story are told on her CD “Giving Back Love” found at iTunes and CDBaby.
Copera’s Corner Radio Personalities provide customized event entertainment by Award winning Opera Singers that accompany an Expert guest speaker. Public speaking never sounded so good! www.coperacorner.comCopera’sCornerEp4

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The Kurdistan Refugees – A Humanitarian Tragedy/Human Behavior Expert


Copera’s Corner Episode 1 by Coperascorner on Mixcloud

OUR CORNER with the Cop and the Opera Singer

August 31, 2015 show

The Kurdistan Refugees – A Humanitarian Tragedy

By Hallie Neill

After spending his own childhood in refugee camps, Awat Mustafa now works with the Barzani Charity Foundation to provide aid to 2M refugees who — fleeing the safety of their homes under threats of death, beheadings and torture by ISIS — are now hiding in the camps, mountains and streets of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan is unique in the Middle East, embracing refugees of all faiths, including Muslims, Christians and Yezidis; they encourage the church in the region rather than destroy it. Mustafa speaks as a voice for the Muslims of Kurdistan that do not embrace the extremist element of their faith.

We are fighting the war against civilization on our soil, so you do not have to fight it in the US. We are grateful for the help we have received but so much more is needed,” reports Mustafa. The Peshmerga fighters of Kurdistan include men and women as well, but all are lacking sophisticated weaponry necessary to defeat ISIS. Mustafa appeals to the Obama administration for the military equipment urgently needed to replace their long-outdated 1970’s rifles.

Mustafa is currently seeking sponsorship for the new surge of 750 Yezidi orphans whose parents lost their lives in the war. The needs are overwhelming as the current 10,000 orphans cannot all be cared for. Donations of $100 would sponsor an orphan for one month. Financial donations for the Kurdish refugees’ urgent needs of baby milk, baby diapers, shoes for children, and adults (men and women), clothing, coats, blankets and women’s needs will gladly be received by Click “donate now” and direct donation for “BCF” or “Kurdistan.”

Dr. John Demartini

By Rebecca L. Mahan

Expert in human behavior , Dr. John Demartini, offers a conversational approach empowering others based on 42 years of his cross disciplinary research. This humble, yet prolific doctor takes a blank canvas and eloquently paints how his life changed significantly from learning disabled to reading everyday, all from the message one man gave during a brief life encounter. This meeting created an entirely new perspective breaking free tunnel vision challenges.

What emerged from Demartini over his “dedication to serving others” life has been an incredible amount of trademarked success. He attributes his success based on how this service has been implemented. He believes learning is paramount and speed reads through books to enhance his learning daily. He also implements a four pillar approach via research, writing, travel, and teaching to equip others in having their own break-through. This proven method and established model has been a repeatedly proven program utilized by individuals and corporations alike across the globe.

Demartini also offers insight about his published works “The Values Factor” detailing the significance of personal values. These values, if aligned and through use of delegation, change lives. He also shares tidbits about his new CD “Accessing you 7 Greatest Powers.” These nuggets sum how changing what we perceptive is missing combined with our values can fulfill our dreams.

More information Dr. John Demartini can be found at

Copera’s Corner Episode 1 by Coperascorner on Mixcloud

Show Topics: Horror on a South Dakota Indian Reservation and Call to Action with Fred Galvin, MARSOC 7

Copera's Corner, with hosts Rebecca L. Mahan and Hallie Neill, unwrap the horrors both Gwen Caldwell and Fred Galvin, Major USMC Retired, are battling today. When combing the two stories, you will hear how bringing awareness can make a drastic impact on the lives of the innocent.

Copera’s Corner Episode 3 by Coperascorner on Mixcloud


By Hallie Neill

A Horror story in South Dakota”

So, just what’s happening at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in the tiny town of Rapid City, South Dakota – and is it unique? Sadly, not by a long shot. Gwen Caldwell, Founder and CEO of Medicine Horse Village sheds light on a dark, little known horror story with staggeringly high statistics of poverty, neglect, homelessness, unemployment, infant mortality, rape, seniors literally dying from the winter cold, including 3 US Veterans just last year. Yes, that’s our Vets who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms, and now left homeless and literally freezing to death in the streets. Natives who do have homes are living packed as sardines, up to 30 people per tiny 3 bedroom substandard home – without water, electricity or sewage. Tragically, teen suicide is at an epidemic rate – more than 300% higher than the national average (over 30 suicides this year alone!). Most alarming? This very same scenario is playing out in Indian reservations across the US and Canada. Caldwell is on a mission to provide the Natives their very basic needs such as winter coats, blankets, pillows, personal care items such as razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving cream, underwear, and socks. 10% of Native Americans living in South Dakota are Veterans – and many do not have even their most essential survival needs. Living in a prison like décor at the Veteran’s Homeless Shelter, Vets are painting murals on the dreary walls, but need acrylic paints and brushes to continue their therapeutic expression. Financial donations or any of the above supplies are most needed and welcome.

By Rebecca L. Mahan

During the interview with Gwen, Rebecca brought to light a program implemented by Medicaid that many American’s may not even know exist. Essentially, Medicaid has mandated and joint ventured with states individually requiring them to recover expenses paid those who have utilized Medicaid services. The recovery from individuals can come from their estate/trust upon death or while alive if institutionalized. The only exceptions to this are if the decedent is survived by a spouse, child under age 21, or blind or disabled child of any age” or (when institutionalized) “except when one of the following individuals resides in the home: the spouse, child under age 21, blind or disabled child of any age, or sibling who has an equity interest in the home. The states must remove the lien when the Medicaid enrollee is discharged from the facility and returns home.” States are also required to have procedures in place that allows exceptions for an undue hardship.

The second half of the show brings a call to action by Major USMC Retired, Fred Galvin. Fred is known by many as the first Commander of MARSOC 7 (Marine Corps Special Operations Command) to have been deployed to Afghanistan on specific assignment. Fred exposes the facts of how he and his team were ambushed twice, ultimately leading to having been accused and tried in the alleged killing of 19 Afghan civilians and wounding of 50 others. He also unmasks the abuse of authority made by members of the investigation and those involved with the legal proceedings.

While all members of the MARSOC 7 team were exonerated, there was no official statement declaring them as “not guilty.” Fred indicates the comments released were “The Marines acted appropriately….”.

There are many repercussions these Marines face due to the lack of a clear “not guilty” statement. The fact is there was no killing or wounding inflicted on Afgan civilians by these Marines, nor was there evidence indicating otherwise. The investigation proved quite the opposite. What remains for our heros, after a clouded verdict, leads people to believe they had killed and wounded the innocent but got away with it. This assumption affects potential employment and business opportunities, personal relationships, and health issues, amongst countless other areas of their lives. Most importantly, it mars their name. These Marines need to have their name restored.

We have come to a point in our society whereby a handshake is no longer valued as a man’s promise. We can not let the erosion of values affect who we are…our name.

We invite you to call your Senators and Congressmen to act on behalf of these United States MARSOC Marines for a public issuance of a definitive and clear “not guilty” final exoneration statement, as well as, action taken to address the “abuse of authority” made by members involved in this investigation and its legal proceedings.

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